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I am applying for the post of a health care assistance in your Trust as I have 3 years experience of working in Nigeria as a mental health support worker. I am looking for new opportunities to experience a different healthcare system and apply my skills, to further progress in this field.

I am passionate about mental health and always seeking for opportunities to destigmatise people's perceptions around it especially in my home country. Working as a healthcare assistant in an acute psychiatric hospital has given me the opportunity to work directly with patients with different mental health conditions. I have been able to keep them comfortable, offer a listening ear and support them in regaining independence. This in turn, has significantly improved my communication skills. I can vividly recall a scenario, where I was assigned to do a 1:1 care with a patient with suicidal thoughts and risk of self harm. Initially, she was withdrawn and refused all attempts to engage. But due to my insistence and gentle approach, I succeeded in opening channels of communication with her and she eventually came out of her shell and we spoke about her interests and hobbies. It was evident that uplifted her mood and it was heartwarming to see.

Working alongside other healthcare professionals has been pivotal in developing my skills in teamwork. I am able to interact and work with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for patients, as I understand this is paramount as everyone is able to offer their unique skillset. For example, the doctors, nurses and psychologists are able to support the patients in different ways by assessing and managing the patients whilst healthcare assistants like myself support the nurses in looking after the patients, by taking care of their personal needs, engaging them in games and other preferred hobbies.

I am self motivated and constantly looking for ways to update my knowledge in order to stay relevant and adapt myself to different situations. Therefore, I am keen to learn to improve my knowledge base to ensure the patients are being provided with the best quality care whenever possible. I am flexible, work well under pressure and willing to take on new challenges to progress. I am very caring, and empathetic towards people and make an effort to go out of my way to help whenever possible, and this is evident in the length of time I have worked in this job.

Outside of work, I enjoying reading, spending time with family and cooking.

  • I have the relevant experience and skills required to excel at this job, therefore I have no doubt in myself that I am the right candidate for this job.

Work Experience

Mental health support worker
Brain plus specialist Hospital Owerri Imo state Nigeria Nov 2018 - Mar 2022