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Priscilla M Nyamangodo

Carer job
Full time

I am a lady aged 41yrs

Married with 3 children

Lives in Harare Zimbabwe

Currently employed by the Ministry of health and child care with 15 years experience in primary care nursing.Ā 

Work Experience

Primary care nurse
Ministry of Health and Child care Aug 2007 - Mar 2022

Screening and treatment of patientsĀ 

Offering home based care servicesĀ 

Administering medicationĀ 

Basic counselingĀ 

Offering psychological support

Monitoring of patientsĀ 

Offering total patient care

Wound dressings

Monitoring chronic patients etc.Ā 


Certificate in Primary care nursing
Sanyati School of nursing Jan 2006 - Jul 2007