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Full time

Dear (Recruitment Team,)

With over 3 years of extensive work experience as a carer both in the UK and abroad, caring for people with long term illness, learning disabilities, dementia, elderly patients at their end stage, and many more cases, I believe I am an ideal candidate for your organisation, bringing my knowledge and skills to the table.

As a graduate of university of Jos and a Diploma in (Health Care and Patient Safety) with Allison online training courses. I have developed the skills to deliver excellent health care services to my patients and clients, trained in emotional intelligence, patient monitoring, updating information on vital signs and accurate documentation to effectively monitor their health.

Overtime, I have been tasked with assessing, monitoring, providing care plans and evaluating the condition of patients, whilst giving proper health education which I have been able to deliver professionally. I firmly believe that I will bring the energy and dedication necessary to thrive in your hospital environment while providing excellent health care services to patients.

In addition, I possess excellent communication skills, which help me to effectively interact with patients, families, physicians and other health team members. In total, I believe my background will allow me to be of great service to your hospital.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet and be interviewed by you.
Please see attached my CV, for your perusal
Please let me know if you require any other document for assessment.

Warm regards,

Blessing Nathaniel.

Work Experience

Health Care Assistant
Redeemers Health Center May 2019 - Feb 2022

1,  Caring for people with long term illness, learning disabilities, dementia, elderly patients at their end stage. 

2, Shopping

3, Bathing

4, Taking vitals

5, Administering drugs according to the doctors precautions.

6, Music Therapy to Dementia/Alzheimer's patients.

7, organizing social events for patients.

8, Feeding

9, Giving COVID vaccine and general immunizations.

10, General geriatrics Care.


Diploma in Health Care and patient safety (Alison online training course)
BSc in nursing (pre-registered) Sep 2013 - Nov 2016