Night Care Assistants

£9.30 - £10.00 hourly
  • 1stCompanyUK
  • London, UK
  • Sep 28, 2020
Bank Social & Care Work

Job Description

RESPONSIBLE TO:            Home Manager 


To provide a high standard of resident care in the home at night and undertake certain domestic duties which can be performed during night hours.

To provide a safe and caring environment that promotes sleep and underpins the residents’ physical, emotional and psychological well-being.


1To help residents get ready and get into bed/settle down for the night.

2 To provide a high standard of care overnight, including hygiene, continence, mobility, dressing and general care.

3 To carry out regular checks on residents at intervals determined by the person in charge, and record.

4 To ensure the residents’ privacy and dignity is maintained at all times

5 To carry out regular checks on the building at intervals determined by the person in charge with special reference to fire prevention and security.

6 To answer emergency bells or calls from residents immediately and seek further assistance if necessary.

7 To assist residents throughout the night with whatever they need, maybe even just for company, reassurance or a refreshment.

8 To join with the day staff to work as a team in helping prepare residents for bed or assisting them in the morning, as directed by the person in charge.

9 In the time available between attending to residents undertake domestic duties e.g  preparing for breakfast, table laying, dusting and hoovering as per rota and record tasks undertaken.

10 To follow and assist with planning individual care by means of care planning.

11 To assist residents and to promote continence at night and complete records.

12 To communicate with the Home Manager and the person in charge both verbally and in writing about the residents’ general condition and developments in the home.

13 To promote a safe and caring environment maintaining general tidiness and promoting a homely atmosphere.

14 To work as a team with those staff on duty and communicate between each other.

15 To greet any night visitor with courtesy and ensure identification is sought with reference to security.

16 To answer the telephone and take messages as required.

17 To adopt a positive and pleasant attitude, an approachable manner and give attention to residents’ needs.

18 To uphold the key principles of residents’ rights, citizenship, independence, choice, privacy, fulfilment and dignity.

19 To maintain confidentiality and discretion in communicating personal matters to senior and other members of staff and other residents and relatives.

20 To respect residents’ beliefs and values.

21 To conform at all times with the company health and safety at work policy.

22 To conform at all times with the night procedure and all other procedures in the home.

 23 To have knowledge of all procedures within the home.

 24 To have good knowledge of the following procedures and know what to do in events that may occur


        MEDICATION                                             MOVING & HANDLING

        SECURITY                                                   FIRST AID

25 To be involved in the making of and serving of light meals and beverages.

26To administer medication at designated times, as prescribed by the GP.

27 To follow the home’s night routine as a guide.

28 To be aware of how and when to use the whistle blowing procedure.

29 One member of staff to assume a senior position to hold the medicine keys and take charge in an emergency.

30 To induct other night staff by following the induction procedure.

31To be stationed at designated areas within the home, allocated by the person in  charge.

32To attend 2 monthly supervisory sessions with the Home Manager and attend 3 monthly night staff meetings.

33 To maintain accurate notes and records of residents and to hand over information to day staff that is relevant to the ongoing care of individual residents.

34 To be available to attend all mandatory training and other appropriate training as determined by the Home Manager. This may be internal or external to the home and during day shift hours.

35 To be available to work occasional day shifts in order to consolidate knowledge of resident needs and company procedures.

36 To carry out such other duties as may be reasonably required by the Home Manager or person in charge.     


  1. Have an interest in working with the elderly.
  2. Be totally reliable, trustworthy and honest.
  3. Be self motivated and organised.
  4. Be flexible and able to work unsupervised.
  5. Be caring and sensitive to the needs of others.
  6. Use initiative and have common sense.
  7. Be able to work as part of a team.
  8. Be a good communicator.


Experience of working in a care home desirable but not essential as training will be provided.

NVQ 2 desirable but not essential.