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Bidvine Ltd

Getting things done is awesome. More accurately, being done and enjoying the outcome is the real reward of dealing with the smallest fix to the largest project. The problem is that finding someone to help you get there has remained a hassle. Wasn't technology supposed to help with things like that? 

While looking to achieve personal goals, find a language tutor for our kids, renovate our house and even clear a wasp nest from our front door, we were spending more time on legwork than on the things we love. We would rather take our kids to the park than hunt for an electrician that can come next Tuesday. We would rather take our journal to the café than search for a quality Arabic language tutor. This is why we started Bidvine. We wanted a better way to find local service providers who could do what we needed, were available when we needed them, and were interested to help. With a background in marketing and marketplaces, as a team we felt uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge and build a business that could be everyone's first and best choice for getting from to-do to done as quickly as possible. 

We first conceived of this idea in a shared workspace in Dubai, UAE, are building the platform in Waterloo, Canada, are creating the reality of Bidvine and going to market in London, UK - and through it all we are powered by people.