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Sambhana Care Ltd

The Aims and Objectives are to provide quality care for the elderly and adults with learning difficulties in a safe and friendly environment of their home or taking them out into the local community. Enabling the vulnerable and less able to be supported with their choice of activity in the community. 

The service will look at ways in which it can provide enhance its service users lives, allowing participation in otherwise restricted activities. Especially for those who have learning disability.

Provide staff that are carefully recruited and fully trained to provide a quality service with a tailored approach so that packages of care are relevant, and well monitored, thus enabling the service user to make their own decisions and choices.

Continually improve the service provided through audits and quality measurements

To promote and practice procedures that promote equality and diversity and to implement policies that protect and safeguard, allowing our service users the opportunity to experience all opportunities that are available to them.

To provide a service that can be relied upon to deliver the quality assurances that service users deserve.  To provide care that the service user can trust.

For the elderly we aim to provide a comprehensive care service that provides relief and care to those vulnerable in our society through individualized packages. From simple cleaning and cooking to helping them dress go to Doctor appointments and shopping trips.