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Caremark Thanet

Why We Are Different: Creating Community Well-being: Transforming Domiciliary Care

We have a very clear ethos. We believe that: our customers are the most important people for our business; our care and support workers are the most important people in our business; a socially responsible business is most important for everyone.

We also have a very clear vision. We aim to be Thanet’s first choice private domiciliary care company for customers and carers.

We provide a very important service to some of the most vulnerable people in our society: A responsibility of paramount importance. Our customers are one of the reasons we exist.
We provide careers in care for some of the most talented, ambitious and hardworking people in Thanet: A commitment of paramount importance. Our carers are another reason that we exist.

We create community well-being: A purpose of paramount importance. Our community is a third reason we exist.

We aim to provide outstanding domiciliary care to each of our customers; first class career opportunities for people living in Thanet, and a significant contribution to the store of Thanet’s community well-being. We aim to transform domiciliary care in Thanet.

We live in an interconnected world. Each of us, and each of our customers and each of our carers are part of the Thanet and wider East Kent communities. These communities are our communities. We believe in communities. We believe that connected communities are stronger, healthier communities. Our community engagement approach to domiciliary care focuses uncompromisingly on creating community well-being. We believe that everyone – our customers, our carers and our community – benefits by our contributing – even in a small way - to the store of our community’s well-being.

We are a community engaged organisation. We support a whole range of community organisations and events. We also organise our own events that bring together our carers, our customers and our community. Our events have included a comedy night, a quiz afternoon, a Christmas carol concert and various art and craft sessions for our customers. Our community engagement activities have helped us raise over £3500 for East Kent Hospitals Dementia Charity Appeal.

Our Services

We provide a full range of domiciliary care services for adults. We work with you to design your personal home care plan. This can range from a 30-minute care and support visit through to live-in support. 

Perhaps the single most important thing that we do is to provide you with a little help that allows you to continue to live independently in the home you love.To this end, our priority is to provide you with a service that delights you, meets your needs, respects your wishes, promotes your independence and respects your dignity.

Our services include: companionship, personal care, sitting services, overnight support, live-in care, domestic help, meal preparation and shopping. If there is something that is not listed that does not mean that we cannot provide that service. It is rare that we say NO: It is more usual for us to ask HOW? We take a very positive approach to the services that our customers may need. It’s a very simple approach: you tell us what you need and then we find out a way to meet that need.

Customers Funded through Social Services

We are very happy to provide care to people funded through Social Services. If you are receiving home care through social services and you want to choose your provider, all you have to do is ask that KCC provide you with a direct payment. This allows you to buy your own care from the provider of your choice. There are a small number of cases where you will not be entitled to a direct payment, but these are very rare. In most cases, you have a right to have a direct payment. We are more than happy to advise you about this.


We are always happy to advise you about home care. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.