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Fairview Resources LTD

Fairview Resources based in Milton Keynes , Northampton and Bedford aims to deliver the highest possible standard of care and first class customer service to all our valued clients. Fairview Resources is a growing company providing  Domiciliary care in the individual homes at very competitive rates.

We have a robust recruitment and selection process that guarantees employment of only the very best. Our staff are well rewarded  a fair wage well above the national average thus ensuring we have a happy carers to deliver care that every service user deserves and ensuring very high retention. We believe that Happy Carer delivers Quality care thus ensuring that our customer gets the best possible and well deserved care.

All our Carers undergo an induction period and retraining to make sure they are fit and suitable for the job. They also undergo a series of checks including DBS, proof of identity, written professional references, a complete employment history.