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Mission and Values. What Quarriers believes in.

When you believe in someone, that belief alone can help them succeed.

For Quarriers it’s not just what we believe in, it’s who we believe in. When you need our help we believe in you. We believe in your ability not your disability; your strengths, not your weaknesses; your dreams, not your fears. This belief helps us give children, young adults and families the support that best suits their individual needs.

What we do

Quarriers is dedicated to working for better lives. We offer families resilience to deal with the challenges that life brings. We give people affected by epilepsy a new life. We offer young homeless people support to unlock their potential. We give adults with disabilities more opportunities in life, and importantly, a voice.

From our roots in Quarriers Village, Quarriers is a charity which now shares best practice across Scotland. Work or volunteer for Quarriers and help us transform lives.